Activate your Divine Wealth Blueprint


 Activate Your Divine Wealth Blueprint

Unlock the CODE  for Brilliant Success… and INCREASE the Money Flow

If Wealth and Success have not matched the dream you have for yourself, then …This book will provide the answers you seek

Step into the Magic and Juiciness of Life

  • UnLeash your ‘Inner Marketing’ Guru
  • Identify your Unique SUCCESS Blueprint—A Game Changer
  • The KEY to THRIVING in this new economy
  • Why we can NO longer do business in the ways of the past
  • Transform your Life and Your Relationship to Business & Wealth with Ease … And so much more

We can no longer do business in the ways of the past.  To thrive in the new economy we need to change our mindsets AND our relationship to money and success – when we do this life becomes brilliant.  Life becomes magical and our relationships and business flows with Ease.

This is not another book about abundance and prosperity and the Law of Attraction – it is way beyond that level of thinking – this will stretch your cConceptual understanding of abundance and business .  This will take you on fast-track journey that has taken me a very long time to experience, understand in order I write it. This book is opening your potential to create unlimited, magical opportunities and flow with Ease.

This book came into being when I was challenged around attracting in abundance and prosperity based on the Law of Attraction.  I posed a question to the Universe.  “Am I on-track when I believe it about being In-Grace and non-attached to money?”  It had taken me 25 years of in-depth inner healing to have the courage to even ask the question.  I so didn’t want to know that it was about being In-Grace no matter what limited income I had at that time and to accept that some people are not destined to experience amazing success and financial freedom.  The Answer!

You are so far, far, far off track it is not funny!

Whooo.  I was in shock – it was like a near death experience!  Everything I had taught, understood, written about was wrong … all this flashed through my mind.   After several minutes I asked the most important question I have ever asked, in my entire life.  What is the right answer? … and this book came through as a result of that. The wisdom that came through in those moments of total trust of what was written still blows me away.  If you are someone who gets goosebumps when something is so right without doubt … then you will get this book.

There is a HUGE transformation within the ‘Consciousness of ‘Money and Wealth’ hitting the airways – Are you ready?

I could not put this book down.  Suddenly everything became clear.  I finally understood why no matter how much time, money and energy I put into creating a great business and financial independence I was hitting brick walls.

I just had to write and let you know that the work we did identifying core-money saboteurs has been really helpful in my recent breakthrough. I have been able to build and grow my life’s work much quicker and with a solid foundation as an emotionally and spiritually sound human being.  My current good fortune and the opportunities that are unfolding are I believe in large part because of the effectiveness of this process. 

Debra Yuille – Feng Shui Miracles

My life was turned upside down and everything that I had manifested was gone, my home, business and also many of my friends. I came across Jan-Marie’s book, her ‘Freedom to BE’ program and the Divine Wealth & Prosperity blueprint and instantly knew this lady would understand what I was experiencing. The trials I had been through and the wisdom that I acquired from Jan Marie now supports me helping others. Looking back it was like an angel appeared to support me through this challenging period. Thank you does not seem enough for the support and wisdom she shared with me. Returning me to return to a sense of balance, peace and trust. Thank you

Jenny Leather Melbourne

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Why having the soft cover book is important – because use it as an oracle each morning and it will keep your vibration high and provide a path forward… and you are well on your way to creating amazing, magical prosperity in your life and business.