Testimonials Freedom to BE program

In 2010 my life was turned upside down where everything that I had manifested was gone this included my home, business and also many of my friends. I came across Jan-Marie’s book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’ and her ‘Freedom to BE’ program and instantly knew this lady would understand what I was experiencing. Over the next year we worked together to unlock old patterns which really allowed me to reconnect with my authentic journey from a place of deeper understanding. The trials I had been through and the wisdom that I acquired from Jan Marie now supports me helping others. Looking back it was like an angel appeared to support me through this challenging period. Thank you does not seem enough for the support and wisdom she shared with me. I found being able to use the ‘Freedom to BE’ program 24/7  allowing me to release intense emotional stress even at 2 am in the morning, allowing me to return to a sense of balance, peace and trust.

Yes sometimes it can be scary to ask for help because at some level we know change is eminent, my suggestion is trust and ring. I would recommend Jan Marie to anybody who is ready to do the work required for you to step into your full potential. Now really is the time.   Thank you Jenny L Melbourne


I just had to write and let you know that the work we did identifying core-money saboteurs has been really helpful in my recent breakthrough. In fact all the stuff we have discussed over the past 10 years or so has been the catalyst for positive change at that time, and learning from the processes have stayed with me and I have been able to build and grow my life’s work much quicker and with a solid foundation as an emotionally and spiritually sound human being.  My current good fortune and the opportunities that are unfolding are I believe in large part because of the effectiveness of this process. My very grateful thanks to you for everything.  I am looking forward to even more amazing results over the next 10 years.  Debra Jarvis – Feng Shui Miracles


I have had the privilege of benefiting from Jan-Marie’s work for over 20 years. Some of the techniques she has taught me over that time have become part of the foundation of my own work. Her guidance and connection to Spirit is without peer, and being in this sphere of work myself for over two decades l have met many who would make and take that claim easier than getting wet in the rain.

She is a real deal that cannot be under estimated when it comes to the change we often need to make so that we move forward in satisfied lives. I wholly recommend Jan-Marie’s work and can honestly attest to the big shifts that come from it.

l hope you are all well & ready for the next stage of life that we are all moving into. Bliss & Bless good people. Darryl Guy


I have done the ‘Be FREE’  using the ‘Freedom to BE’ program and it has had an incredible impact on my life. It gives you a wonderful tool to release the emotions attached to the core patterns that control your life and over time remove these blocks. I see significant improvements in areas of my life where I couldn’t play full out as I had stuff holding me back. I am so grateful to Jan-Marie for creating this program and the life changing “Be Free 12 week Course”. Previously I have paid many thousands of dollars and studied with some very well known teachers and this 12-week program brought ALL the pieces together so it all made sense and I could move forward. You ROCK !!  Patrick Correya Melbourne.


WOW WOW – We just finished the 12 week ‘BE Free’ using the ‘Freedom to BE’ program last night and WHAT a JOURNEY it has been.  Extraordinary! 30 years of ongoing personal development & it took this amazing simple program to knock my socks off … A HUGE thank you to Jan-Marie for developing such an amazing program.  It has truly changed my life and I will be forever grateful for this.  Linda Melbourne


During the past 18 months I applied for several teaching jobs and although I was shortlisted I did not land the job I wanted. I began to think that it was not my destiny to teach again and began to pursue another lucrative business opportunity. However during the 12 week ‘BE Free’ course, I gained crystal clear clarity about what was truly important to me – my family and what truly made my heart sing – which is teaching.

I realized that if I chose to go down the business opportunity path I was chasing someone else’s dream, and not my own. From what I learned during this course I was able to let go of that opportunity and refocus on what made my heart sing. Two days after the course finished, I landed my dream job – close to home and family friendly hours at an outstanding school.  This course is extremely powerful in its results.  I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to change their lives and gain some amazing rewards.  Barbara Muller.  Vic. Australia


Hi Jan Marie,

I really enjoyed the 12 week program & feel a little lost without it as it is so easy to get caught up in “life” again. I love the daily program & night time meditation track which we fall asleep to every night. I now have Rod doing the 4 minutes with the accelerator cards each morning with me – which is a HUGE milestone for him.

The best part of it all is not having to dredge up all the past traumas & relive them & have to try to understand them & the fact that I have this simple quick & easy program at my disposal 24/7 – whenever I need it, is a huge bonus.  Ciao for now Linda


The FEAR release technique surely does work and I am so grateful for this gift you, Jan-Marie, have given me.  Remember I once told you that I had the fear of flying. I just got back from Tassie today and had a great break. Before I left I had some of the feelings in relation to flying come up. I immediately did the clearing at least twice before I left and I enjoyed the journey. Regards Patrick


For anyone looking to release baggage that you have carried around for years the ‘Freedom to BE’ program is just the ticket. I went from rather dark thoughts when I had some horrendous family issues a few years ago to being totally free. I no longer carry the past around like a badge of honour. Life is good and I’ve learned how to live ever day in the Now. Thanks Jan Marie for an amazing program – Leanne M Victoria.

Dear Jan-Marie

A soul that agrees to incarnate into a lifetime in which it has significant potential to affect the lives of many is truly a great soul.  The quality of power of such a soul is great.  It is global.  Its capacity to touch the lives of millions of human beings is very real.

Great souls upon this planet must make decisions moment by moment.  When a soul chooses to participate consciously in more inclusive levels of interaction, it becomes capable of participating directly in the liberation of its family, or its group or its community, or its nation from the negativeness that are active and present in those souls.

I believe that this is you Jan-Marie be careful as you seek to bring a more inclusive level of human interaction of being contaminated by the fear, or the anger or the selfishness of the level you will be working with.

I believe with all my heart in you and your programs Jan-Marie, I feel a great deal of pride in the knowing of you and your great soul.  it has been a privilege to share a part of your amazing journey.  I wish you God speed in your journey.  Your friend Val Gaddess Qld AU.