It’s Okay to Stuff Up…


“ It’s Okay to Stuff Up…”I would rate among the most beneficial books I have read. It had more messages for me than any other book I can recall and for me has been the trigger in a personal breakthrough in self awareness and understanding. Jan-Marie has drawn together the reaffirmation of many established ideas and the injection of new perspectives in a clear and incisive way. The insights she communicates, her brilliant expression and use of language, her personal frankness and depth of feeling, have all combined to make this book a most valuable tool in my personal journey. For anyone who is seriously pushing forward with their personal development I would rate this book indispensable.   Anson Allen.  Bristol, England 

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I can see why your book has such a great impact on many (yes I read it) Your words come from the heart.  You have outlined for your readers a ‘Manual of Life and Living’  It is a dynamic, beautiful road map for those who have encountered deep pot-holes on the ‘Highway of Life’  As I read through it, I felt your pain and sorrows, your joy and peace.  Without the experiences you went through, it would not be possible to express yourself so beautifully, so honestly and intimately.  In so doing, you’ve brought hope and comfort to your readers.  I salute you!  Readers from all over the world will benefit.  You have done a brilliant job.  Keep sharing your wisdom and insights with the world Jan-Marie.  John Harricharan – Bestselling author of ‘ When you can walk on Water.  Take a Boat’

I can’t tell you how much you’re book has/is helping me at the moment.  My partner of 11 years left me – not suddenly really so it was not a big surprise but still the total devastation that I felt was almost overwhelming. If it wasn’t for the love and support of my many friends, family and my 3 beautiful animals I don’t think I’d have managed – or would I have?

I’ve been reading a lot of books to help myself – I never want to feel this low again – and your book in particular has been by far and away the best. Your meditation techniques and the cutting the ribbon has been so amazing for me.  I still feel so very sad but last night after we had to go through all the legal side of things – I grabbed your book and I read the Denial chapter.  I ran myself a bath and lit my incense and candles and faced up to the fact that I’d been denying our relationship was over, denying that I can no longer help my ex-partner as he doesn’t want to help himself, denying that he no longer loved me – wow denial smacked me right in the face.

I sat there and instead of crying my eyes out I released it all – I know I’ll have to do it again and again to really let it all go but I feel it’s a start.  Today I’m drained and sad but I’m resolved to getting on with my life – so many new and wonderful people have come into my life – my house is no longer a zone of nastiness and negativity but light and love.  I’m surrounded by so many positive friends, family and new beginnings it’s simply overwhelming some days.

Jan-Marie I would like to thank you so very much for helping me – we haven’t even met and I can honestly say you’ve helped change my life – you’ve helped me through the toughest period of my life to date. So thank you Jan-Marie, I just had to let you know and wish you all the light and love and prosperity you truly deserve, as do I, your gift – your book is truly transforming. Love always Suzy Lusty

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Such an incredible feeling of healing poured over me as I read your book. It has come into my life when there has been a great need. Joyce Riley. Kyogle

I have read every book out there and none have impacted on me like this book has.  I was particularly blown away by the chapter on Relationship Energy Reserve.  It helped me recognize the pattern of my relationships.  It is a book I will pick up and read time and again. Donna Marsden New Farm Qld.

I have just finished reading your book and found this book the most fantastic, true book yet, and I could relate to everything. Karen Alexander Gold Coast

I was shopping yesterday and saw your book in two stores. I ignored my inner voice to pick it up a number of times, but kept going back to it.  On browsing through it I found that it was leaping out to me and so I brought it. I have been reading it on and off all day not in any particular order, but everything you are saying relates to me and what I have been experiencing.  Personally I feel as though I am waking up from a long, long nightmare which I have been living for most of my life.  I would like to have the opportunity to work with you.  Thank you. Pauline Paton Ararat Victoria.

I was compelled to go to the bookstore and your book stood out at me, I have just brought your book and I sat down to read it over lunch and I just cried.  At last someone understands what I have gone through I felt so compelled to write to you that I didn’t even wait till I got home to find suitable paper. Thank you for your insights and courage to put yourself out there in form this book. Marcia Foley Victoria Pt Qld.

I have just read your book twice.  I need to know more about what is going on inside of me because each time I read your book the tears just flow and I don’t know why. Brian D Qld.

A big thank you for your book.  It has been a great help to me as I try to gain control of my life after my recent relationship breakdown.   It has helped me to see the positive side of the situation that seemed so negative and to look at my relationship in a more realistic manner. Jackie Hayden Blackburn Vic.

Absolutely loved your book and recommend it to all my friends who like myself who have never been married.  It has so much to teach.   Thank you Vanessa Bate Boxhill Vic.

I am currently reading your book for the second time and each time I do I have a major transformation and healing with my family.  I have never read a book like this before.  The first time I read it I was at long last able to tell my son I loved him, it has made such a difference to us both.  Thank you. Robert. Qld.

Thank you to all my readers and for your permission to use your wonderful letters.  All letters are available for perusal.

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