Who AM I -Without my work

Who AM I – withOUT my work, if I am no longer a Mum, Wife, Sister or even a friend or work colleague? If I am none of these things who AM I? Who do I want to BE – when I don’t have to give my time, energy & resources towards defining myself through the lens of this illusion?

Who AM I and what do I want to DO – BE – spend my time on … if it is true that I AM perfect just as I AM, that I need to nothing to create success – that everything I need is already here. What AM I doing spending time, energy, resources to become something to BE someone?

Is it not a ‘lack mentality’ to strive to create more, more clients, more money flow, more time. What if we stopped, stepped back and allowed space – emptiness to redefine who, what and how we want to live in this world of illusion. Could we? Do we have the courage and the grit to allow emptiness and allow our cup to drain out and refill based on our absolute purity of who we are and want to BE and do in our lives. A big challenge because the fear of missing out demands our ego to fill the hours, the space, the void and keeps us trapped in duality … they cycles of wealth & poverty – love & hate – success & failure.

‘ As I sat on the rock overlooking the sea this morning I communicated with the Infinite Intelligence of ALL that I AM – I asked for guidance because I didn’t know who I was anymore, nothing about my work appealed to me, I felt somewhat lost. The answer I got: ‘Well done, it is when you don’t know who you are – that you get to find out who you really ARE – not based on the illusion of duality of striving for success, to BE someone – but the purity of soul, of heart, of YOU … go find out what and who you want to BE now without the illusion.’ …

TO BE CONTINUED as we explore what it is like to find the real YOU/Me and how to stand apart from the herd mentality to find that unique point of difference and actually BE HEARD.

Authentic Heart SPEAK training MORE

Have you yearned for that deep heart/soul connection with yourself and to surround yourself with other like minded people in business and life

or have you constantly encountered those who say words, but the words do not line up and produce the results they claim? Did that leave you feeling frustrated, angry? Triggering doubt on your ability to create a business and lifestyle you so desire? You are not alone. The old ways of doing business are over. When we take to focus OFF sales & money – and place it on authentic connection with people … the money just flows organically.

Your vibration IS the New Economy

Words have a Frequency, Vibration and a Tone and this is made up of your inner dialogue … if your intent is to deliver content with the agenda of selling – your audience FEELS it and they put up Defence, Resistance and PUSH Back – you then have to work hard to create your income. By connecting and validating your audience they feel safe to open up to what you offer, they know it is about THEM and you are there to support, help and make their lives easier, so they can be successful. In Authentic Heart Speak training we look at the words you use, what vibration is contained within them and how to craft your message so it is authentically YOU.

Testimonial – Janine Ferguson

I had a Zero Point Heart healing with Jan-Marie about three weeks ago – it was a powerful experience where I felt my physical heart expand way beyond my physical body and I felt such a powerful sense of self love in a way I had never experienced before. The following morning I woke smiling, it felt like I had dropped aeons of excess baggage. Over the coming weeks I felt such a deep sense of inner peace. The times when others attempted to draw me into their drama, just rolled over me.

In my work I always knew I was good at what I did, but I was unable to communicate this in a way that others understood; so I had to supplement finances with outside work. Now I find myself excited to be doing videos and could see I was stepping up and delivering my message in a more confident manner. Then when I woke during the night and heard myself saying – I am absolutely 100% ready to receive! I was not just speaking the words, I knew I believed it deep within myself in a way I have never experience – there was zero doubt that I was totally worthy to receive. I knew my vibration was high and that the healing had shifted me from doubt and confusion; I now have a deep inner knowing that I could financially support myself solely from my gifts and talents. I felt complete, to fully love Self and trust in my own abilities to create and attract the life I so wanted, which in the past doubt kept me running in the opposite direction. I am still smiling which is positively impacting on everyone I meet, even strangers cant help themselves smiling back. Now I get it … I AM the Vibration I need to BE – wow that was a powerful healing one that I highly recommend.

Intimacy to SELF

About seven days ago I had an experience where someone included me in an abundance activation. The message I got the following morning, was one of great excitement, feeling loved up to the point of exuberance … and frankly I was not feeling that state of being. I had had a chiro appointment the day before and had slept deeply – and I had completely forgotten about the inclusion in the activation… plus I was deep into a complex writing project, when the texts began coming through.

In hindsight it would have been better to have the phone switched off, but I did not and so innocently entered into dialogue that went pear shaped very quickly.

When I responded that I did not feel excited, exuberant, the response came back with expectations, disappointment and finally judgement with comments that a gift given with love needs to be accepted with graciousness. Therefore they would send me love so I would feel better.

Okay … and that was the end of the relationship with a week of silence. However, when out of the blue, I began tracking narcissistic behaviours it revealed something I had not considered before. I was starting to see spiritual people displaying subtle narcissist behaviours mostly around business. Back in 2004 I attended a very large 7-day residential where I thought I was going to launch my Freedom to BE program however, as always there is another scenario playing out … without going into the story of what unfolded, I realised for the first time that there were those who used spiritual languaging and heart energy with a hidden agenda of .. appearing to be very heart centered … but it is a cover for what they really want which is money. Therefore once again I felt surprise when I began to see narcissistic behaviour emerging within the spiritual community.
As always I step back to review and right on target I woke feeling confused, conflicted and contemplative … I don’t usually begin tracking something if there is not a deeper reason and this is no different.

The behaviour I was seeing unfold this year, was that more and more were using Facebook only as a business tool. If it was not a discussion on how to attend their event, how to book a session, then they didn’t communicate further. It was a total lazar beam focus on their business and building a wholistic relationship was not really on the cards. Whereas I believe we can do both. Life is about balance, a deep connection to our own heart and to create an amazing business that is a true reflection of who we are as a person, our values, our desires, our mission and our legacy. Therefore if we contain ourselves to only one aspect, then there is a miss alignment in that balance and one of the major reasons for burnout.

The other aspect that was emerging was the blurring of lines of friendship. Using all the hallmarks of friendship but it is not to become a personal friend – it is only to build a repour with the other person in order to further their business. Yes I know this has gone on for decades but this was something else emerging. It was the crossing of boundaries, of agendas and it was based on self interest rather than collaboration and deep trust and friendships that were both personal and professional. If women are to rise then they need to take out the competition, the agendas of; if I build a relationship with this person then they will do business with me, perspective.

Yes we need to build relationships of trust and respect, but does it always have to be about leveraging those relationships for self interests? I certainly hope not because that is a form of narcissist behaviours. Really, yes really.

As I said I felt contemplative this morning so I consulted my Freedom to BE program and up came … Transform feeling Rejection into Acceptance of Self – LOVING SELF. Upon consulting one of my books in this case – ‘When Love Walks out the Door’ and this was the paragraph that came up [Chapter Loneliness] ….’It was an intense feeling in my heart that needed to be touched. It was intimacy of that warm feeling that only love brings to the center of the heart and no one could give that to me. I didn’t realise it at the time, but that love had to come from within me but I was in too much pain to understand that. So the ache just went on … so much so that the needy part of me wanted another relationship to ease those feelings but my wonderful wise friends reminded me I still had a ways to go in releasing the hurt of my marriage ending.

Back to the conversation that went pear shaped after being included in an birthday abundance activation – the trigger for me was this person was in a heightened state of love due to having her family all surround her with gifts, fabulous celebrations all to celebrate her birthday. I own it and I write about it because narcissist behaviour that is emerging in truckloads of late, has it origins in this.
We are not here on Earth, to only have intimate relationships with a partner, our family and in some cases friends … we are here to have Intimacy with Self and that requires some deep honestly and the courage to own our shit and transform it. Women cannot rise whilst ever they are building friendships under the guise of it bringing them more business. Women will rise when they are deeply authentic in Self. They absolutely get that money flows to them when they are a true vibrational match to the connection with another that is when it becomes collaboration. Burnout happens when we are incongruent in our desires and use subtle agendas to gain more money. Nuff said

Jan-Marie Brooke:
High Vibrational Marketing Strategist
Cutting Edge TV: Producer & Host.
Founder of ‘Authentic Heart Speak’ Developing High Vibrational Speakers & Writers to BE the new breed of Inspired Leaders.

Jan-Marie, Author of several best selling books, is the Creator of the powerful ‘Freedom to BE’ program which releases emotional stress in (4) minutes and Rewires the Brain for Success. The fast-track process ‘Money LOVES Me’ that identifies, transforms money blocks into unlimited flow. Her programs transform whatever prevents you from living the best version of yourself. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of AU with her food smooching moggie. www.BrilliantLifeSuccess.com

Stepping out of the Shadows

Stepping out from the Shadows

Yesterday as I hit print of my latest book, I felt a mixture of emotions, excitement, relief that it was finally time – I was finally ready to come out of the shadows I had retreated into 10 years ago, so there was nervousness & fear. You see this book has been 10 years in the making. It was the outcome of asking one question of the Universe …’Was I on track when I believed it was being In-Grace and non-attached to money?’ The answer shocked me and the book was as a result of that answer. From the Ethers poured information that would take me 10 years to understand, integrate and then BE the vibration of the knowledge as a living breathing vibration of that which I wrote.

Yet that night I slept a restless sleep, after a day of congratulations I sat for a moment or so in solitude in my outdoor area to overhear a group of my neighbours all talking about me in unkind terms. The same neighbour who’s cat kept coming into my home peeing all over my furniture and then my bed … my voiced concerns to my neighbour resulted in being called a F###king liar, he then reported my cat to the council who came and threatened to take him and put him down. That same neighbour who told the neighbourhood I was a liar and they believed him.

I endeavour to be strong and not let it impact me, but it still seeps in. Because no matter how much we heal, and I certainly do that, there is obviously still some residue left within my body, mind and soul, a residue of pain that was triggered by Constance-Hall’s video which was the first thing I saw this morning. An amazing writer who finally found fame only to be bullied unmercifully by trolls.

I know many amazing people who are hiding in the shadows right now – who have amazing gifts that can heal so many. Yesterday within the Village project I was given the gift of Strength from the others within the group. At the time I was surprised that was what I needed because I felt still, grounded and strong and it never fails to amaze me how incredibly brilliant we are knowing exactly what we need before we even know ourselves.

As someone once said Jan-Marie you ‘Have-to’ get your work out into the market place it is so very much needed. At the time I was hiding from the bullying on the Gold Coast so frankly, I didn’t care. The point is there is always going to be ignorant people, who are so unconscious and so much in their own pain who will hit out at anyone if they can … and if we are to come out of the shadows and bring our work out into the market place AND WE WILL … then we need to be strong within – very strong and this means we need to heal our own deepest fears of survival, or being attacked, of being criticised and made fun of …. we need tap into our STRONGEST WHY

… when I asked what was mine yesterday, I heard. Your Why is because your work is YOU it is who you ARE, you are your greatest work. (And when I feel into that vibration I feel that strength renewed) So I ask you to join me in coming out of the shadows and fully into your Divine Purpose, as a vibration of your Divinity to fully embody your WHY – why you chose to birth on this planet at this time.

We did not come here to shrivel and die on the vine of trolls but to do what we came here to do – to share our gifts with the world, so that as you and I heal our hearts so too does it heal another heart and together we allow that vibration to flow unimpeded through the universe. It is time. This Transformation Accelerator is from the Freedom to BE – Amazing program. www.brilliantlifesuccess.com

♥©♥ 2019 Jan-Marie Brooke
Inspired by Constance-Hall and the Village Project with Michelle Lewis

Sense of Self


When there is a narrow band of self identity within our electromagnetic field, we can identify strongly with other people who are strong, courageous, extrovert and being visible … which results in being in the shadows – not quite visible and striving to be seen, heard and validated.

Within groups where we strive to belong, we often become more invisible
because as empaths, who also have a narrow band of self identity, the thoughts, emotions, opinions and ways of doing business & life, becomes fused and inter-confused with our own direction, our own thoughts, our own genius.

As we evolve we interconnect deeper, wider and  interdimensionally, and at times
beyond ALL that IS.  The journey of Self is first, acknowledging our family of origin patterning’s and wounds, so they may be released and transformed in order we become more of our Soul’s path and less of our Ego’s.  Once that level of healing has occurred then we begin the journey of the next outer layer and this keeps occurring whilst ever we have the desire to transform ALL that we are within our genetic lineage and beyond.  I have identified six soul evolvement stages, we, well certainly I, have travelled to date.  Each has definite markings, identification points and certainly certain types of challenges that appear through this journey.

What I found interesting, is that the experiences of the earlier stages reappear in later stages, for example:  If we identify the issue is low self worth or lack of self identity earlier on … and over time we become more of our confident self, more extrovert, more of an achiever and results oriented and achieved … as we evolve through the fifth and six stage we are once again flung back into those states of being, this time interlinked and connected to a much higher vibration.  We are travelling through the halls of what we have come to understand as ego and duality characteristics and like a sea-saw tripping through the energy and vibration of oneness, ease and flow and serenity … then without warning the sea-saw tips and we are asked to acknowledge a new layer, a different level of our ego duality
personality.  Nothing is wrong, though many who do not understand the journey of these soul evolvement stages will judge and will be quick to anger at the disruption to their own serenity.  The point is, that we are ever evolving and we are both light and dark, we are, by the very nature as human beings, also extraordinary,
amazing, heart centered beings who have eons of wisdom within, often calcified like plague on the teeth from our life experiences.

Over the years, not being understood or heard for who I AM, I have withdrawn to calm that sea of confused energy, crisscrossed with other peoples opinions thoughts and pain so I could think, could feel my own thoughts, feelings and let go of that which was not mine.  It has been a mighty journey and one that may have been easier, if I had a strong sense of self identity – alas not, for that has been a part of the healing, the learnings, the experience I have taken.

Therefore how to do we strengthen this narrow band of self identity, this constant sea-saw of emotional states that have us doubt our abilities, our opinions, our gifts when someone comes into view that ‘appears’ to have it all together and is more than we see ourselves?

For me that is stepping back far enough that I can once again feel ME, my energy, my thoughts, my heart and reconnect deeply within myself, my heart, mind and soul … my higher intelligence all of who I AM and breath back into myself calling deeper stronger my own vibration of my own divinity and allow it to flow deeply within and down into the earth and back up the main vertical power current that runs next to the spine back through my crown and up to the Divine Essence of ALL that I AM.    The only person doubting myself is myself and so I give myself  permission to truly accept I am unique, I will always have a different opinion, ways of doing things and that is okay – what is not okay is to allow myself to feel less than because someone is stronger in their opinion than I currently am, in that moment, for if I give myself permission to acknowledge what is happening, step
back, ground and center myself I will once again hear ME … I have come back into me and I am once again home.

♥©♥ 2019 Jan-Marie Brooke 

Jan-Marie, Author of THRIVE in Business and Life and the Creator of the Freedom to BE program which releases emotional stress in 4 minutes – the Money LOVES Me program that identifies and transforms deep core money blocks, lives on the Sunshine Coast of AU the home of gorgeous beaches and beach cafe lifestyle … with her food smooching loving moggie.  An artist and author Jan-Marie has a great love of writing and creating beautiful artworks.  www.brilliantlifesuccess.com

Inspired by and within the container of that which is  ‘The Village Project’ with Michelle Lewis

Drilling down

On the journey to find out WHO I AM if I am not my work, I am not a mother, wife, friend or business colleague … takes looking a little deeper. For that I went to my Freedom to BE program and asked to be shown what the core issue was … and it came up Lonlieness. Oh of course we become attached to your job or our identity via a job or business. We become attached to being a wife or husband, friend and so on. We do so because what we fear most is to be alone … so we avoid this by being ‘someone’

What about ME?

It is ALL About You – You Matter


Have you ever woken up and suddenly it hit you – you have spent most of your life doing for others, what they wanted or needed and it feels as though no one is hearing you, seeing you or giving you what you need. Do you even know what you need or want?

You are not alone. As parents we tend to be so busy being busy that we are last on the long list of to do’s. Yes there is a lot to get done with busy lives, working, building a career or business being a parent that there is a tenancy to compartmentalize life just to manage. However, here is the kicker if you leave yourself last then you do become invisible, you do not get heard, and you certainly do not have the energy to revitalize yourself.

So STOP it! Stop putting everyone first. You are the most important person in your life and frankly if you do not put yourself first then you will begin to cease to exist – first energetically, then physically and if there is no you then there is no mother, no wife, husband, business partner.

Therefore it makes perfect sense to put yourself first. It is not about being selfish – or being a taker in life, it is none of those things. It is about self-care, taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and absolutely reconnecting and strengthening your connection to the Divine Essence of who you are.

HOW you ask. How? when I don’t have time. Do a time declutter! Look at how, when and what you are doing with your time – pull out your diary and slot in an hour, just for you, at least once a week to begin with. Then go to the beach, go to your favorite cafe, have lunch with a friend – go buy yourself something beautiful – it is ALL about you. Take care of you and everything else blossoms .

It ALL begins with you – there is only one person who can give back to you completely, absolutely and authentically. Are you worth it?

Jan-Marie Brooke

Brilliant Life Success.com

Neuroplasticity: can you rewire your brain?

The ‘Freedom to BE’ program  is the Lazy Skunk way to rewire your brain – without the need to go into the story

Neuroplasticity: can you rewire your brain? – ABC Active Memory: Brain Training News    Neuroplasticity is more than just the latest brain-related buzzword. It’s a real concept, grounded in neuroscience research. We take a look at how neuroplasticity works, and consider how it’s possible to re-wire your brain – regardless of your age.

What does the word neuroplasticity actually mean?

Neuroplasticity is an umbrella term, commonly used to mean that the brain and nervous system is plastic (or malleable), and can be remodelled or ‘re-wired’ in response to experiences over a lifetime.

Your brain is made up of 100 billion or so neurons each making up to 10,000 connections, or synapses, with other neurons. Neurons communicate by sending chemical signals across the synapse, with neurotransmitter release determined by patterns of neural impulses.

Neural impulses code your thoughts, actions and experiences. But they’re not simply transmitted along hard-wired pathways in the brain; the same thoughts, actions and experiences continually reorganise the structure and function of pathways enabling your brain to respond efficiently and effectively to the world around you.

Because neuroplasticity research encompasses diverse fields including learning and memory, synaptic physiology, stem cell research, brain injury, psychotherapy, pharmacology, development and ageing, the way the term is used will differ depending on which neuroscientist you speak to, or whose book you read.

How do experiences rewire the brain?

Imagine you’ve started violin lessons. This intense learning experience requires a host of sensory, cognitive, and motor skills including reading music, translating it into sequential movements that in turn depend on auditory feedback, developing fine motor skills coupled with precise timing, memorising long musical passages, and so on. Research shows that musical training can result in neuroplasticity at many levels in the brain. 

When you first pick up the violin, you’re clumsy and make many mistakes. But within a few days of focussed practice, neural circuits in the part of your brain devoted to fingering the strings for example, will begin to fire repeatedly. The more often neurons the specific circuit fire, the stronger the synaptic connections become. This is the basis of the adage ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’. Researchers have documented in detail the electrical, chemical and structural changes that take place at synapses to amplify connection strength during learning.

With continued daily violin practice, you’ll become more proficient. Neurons in the circuits involved in recognising musical tones, for example, will begin proliferating their dendrites (the branched extensions that receive inputs) and extending their axons, interconnecting more distant neurons into rich, well-organised neural networks. Accompanying these brain changes will be more nimble playing, less mistakes and more enjoyment!

Over the course of a many years, you may become a virtuoso. A study of your brain will reveal an enlarged cortical ‘map’ of the fingers of the hand that you’ve used for the complex task of fingering the strings, while your opposite hand, which has the less dexterity-demanding task of bowing the strings, does not show an altered map. An imaging study of your brain will show greater grey matter volume in the auditory region of your cortex. Psychological testing will reveal your spatial, verbal, and mathematical performance, and your general IQ will be higher than non-musicians. And as you age, your brain will be less susceptible to age-related degeneration.

Neuroplasticity over the course of life.

Training induced plasticity (such as violin lessons) is not restricted to childhood. But what differs as a function of age is the ease at which plasticity occurs.  “During early childhood the plasticity switch is always ‘ON’, whereas in adults it’s usually ‘OFF’” explains Michael Merzenich, PhD, Emeritus Professor at the Keck Center for Integrative Neurosciences at the University of California.

Plasticity dials back ‘ON’ in adulthood when specific conditions that enable or trigger plasticity are met. “What recent research has shown is that under the right circumstances, the power of brain plasticity can help adults minds grow. Although certain brain machinery tends to decline with age, there are steps people can take to tap into plasticity and reinvigorate that machinery,” explains Merzenich. These circumstances include focused attention, determination, hard work and maintaining overall brain health.

Professor Tony Hannan, head of the Neural Plasticity group at the Florey Institute in Melbourne, agrees. “Discoveries in the field of neuroplasticity have implications for how each of us may protect our brain from the relentless weathering of ageing and disease. It’s known that lifestyle factors that are good for the body, such as regular physical exercise and a healthy diet, are also beneficial for the brain. And those who keep their brains stimulated with regular complex mental activities may also help delay onset of common brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia”.

Neuroplasticity: can you rewire your brain? – ABC Active Memory: Brain Training News   

 Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford-educated neuroscientist and science writer. She specialises in communicating neuroscience research in everyday language, and writes a brain and health blog.