About Jan-Marie

Who is Jan-Marie and how can she support you?

Jan-Marie, a bestselling author of several books, hit a major life crisis where her whole life was turned upside down. To turn these life challenges into Optimum Wellness and Brilliant Life Success and move through the experiences that life presents, she created fast track processes that would drill down to the absolute core of what created the challenges, to identify: transform: reset: and REWIRE the Brain for Brilliant Life Success and to create sustainable financial freedom doing what makes our hearts sing.

Also a Multi-Dimensional Transformation Healer who is an open channel and she is able to access Akashic Records and any level required to identify ancestral contracts, release the ancient energy contained within them. Cancel and delete these contracts that have kept humanity locked into cycles of wealth, poverty and limitations.

She currently lives on the beautiful sunshine coast with her snoozing-smooching-food-loving cat and in her spare time renovates houses and paints.  Her favourite pastime is long lazy lunches with like-minded friends at her favourite café by the beach followed by a long walk along the beach.


I’m Here To Help You Create the Life you Desire 

To find Fulfillment … Love … Joy … and an Abundant Flow of Money so you ARE living Brilliantly and your relationships and business thrive.

You Are Unique…So lets bring your Unique and Authentic YOU out … so you can shine …

When you are in true alignment with your ‘Divine Essence that you ARE’ then you are in your Creative Flow and your gifts and strengths truly shine and that is when MAGIC happens. Life was not meant to be hard, or a struggle or for you to be lack – life can be amazing and in those moments it is not – it is the energy that needs to be moved.

Emotion is Energy in Motion.

Being deeply aligned to the ‘Divine Essence of Who you ARE’ makes life simple because when a challenge does come – you look at it from a totally different perspective, with more detachment and not getting caught up in the drama, which means instead of being hit left field, you can see the gift in the challenge and that makes life so much more simple, joyous, flowing with Ease and Grace. Your business flourishes, creative ideas and solutions flow and your Brilliance shines through with every one you meet. It is your energy signature that calls people, opportunities, money and equal and harmonious relationships in TO YOU. This is the single most important aspect of harmonious relationships and a sultry, sensuous, and fun relationship with money.

You are so much more than you could ever image … and when you align to the ‘Divine Essence of Who you are’ you are truly living on Divine Purpose.

If this is not where you are at right now – do you want to come play with me and bring out your potential so you Shine.

Who am I?  … And what can I do to support  YOU on your journey of healing and transforming whatever prevents you from living brilliantly, doing what you love and being well paid for it.

Heal the ‘Heart’ of You and your Business

It is YOUR time to SHINE


I was CEO of an Aviation company, best selling author, mother and wife. THEN life changed dramatically with a letter in the mail telling me my marriage was over and not negotiable. The man I loved body, mind and soul was gone, never to return, even to speak to me again.  The shock was enormous  – my company, my income, my home and family on both sides all gone the only things standing were my son, myself (very wonky 🙂 and a cat who was so traumatized she hid in the laundry for 12 months.  I could not conceive the enormity of what had happened and made a decision to heal myself at such deep levels so I would never face this type of life crisis again. I began examining behaviours, emotions, belief patterns and mindsets.  More importantly how to transform them into joy, happiness and balance.  There was nothing like this in the market place so I set about creating it.

What I found was that ‘Business’ in its current format no longer appeal to me … in fact I was very resistant to returning to the corporate world. What transpired was an interesting journey of healing my Heart and attitude toward business.  Which then developed into some amazingly powerful processes around  ‘Healing Your Heart  – which heals the heart of Your Business’.  Even when it may seem as though you are off-track and wandering aimlessly with regards to business and life … is not.  Some times it requires very deep healing to see that what you were affronted by  … is in fact due to some deep genetic wounding. 

I developed several fast-track techniques, the ‘Freedom to BE’ program which releases Emotional Stress in 4 Minutes and used regularly it gently goes down the layers and transforms deeper and deeper (and this is the KEY).  This is what heals relationships.  I then created the ‘Money LOVES Me’ program and some powerful transformational mind-set courses and workshops. I learnt on the job so to speak. As I hit a road block, or felt emotional, I sought answers within and today I now work with others to fast-track their transformation.  You can find these under the tab Group Programs.


Jan-Marie is highly perceptive and her work is powerful, transformational and life-changing. Her clients can be heard to say. “I had tried every other avenue to no avail.  Jan-Marie’s work has changed my life and yet it was incredibly easy.”

I just had to write and let you know that the work we did identifying core-money saboteurs has been really helpful in my recent breakthrough. In fact all the stuff we have discussed over the past 10 years or so has been the catalyst for positive change at that time, and learning from the processes have stayed with me and I have been able to build and grow my life’s work much quicker and with a solid foundation as an emotionally and spiritually sound human being.  My current good fortune and the opportunities that are unfolding are I believe in large part because of the effectiveness of this process. My very grateful thanks to you for everything.  I am looking forward to even more amazing results over the next 10 years.  Debra Jarvis – Feng Shui Miracles


In 2010 my life was turned upside down where everything that I had manifested was gone this included my home, business and also many of my friends. I came across Jan-Marie’s book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’ and her ‘Freedom to BE’ program and instantly knew this lady would understand what I was experiencing. Over the next year we worked together to unlock old patterns which really allowed me to reconnect with my authentic journey from a place of deeper understanding. The trials I had been through and the wisdom that I acquired from Jan Marie now supports me helping others. Looking back it was like an angel appeared to support me through this challenging period. Thank you does not seem enough for the support and wisdom she shared with me. I found being able to use the ‘Freedom to BE’ program 24/7  allowing me to release intense emotional stress even at 2 am in the morning, allowing me to return to a sense of balance, peace and trust.

Yes sometimes it can be scary to ask for help because at some level we know change is eminent, my suggestion is trust and ring. I would recommend Jan Marie to anybody who is ready to do the work required for you to step into your full potential. Now really is the time.   Thank you Jenny L Melbourne


I have done the ‘Be FREE’  using the ‘Freedom to BE’ program and it has had an incredible impact on my life. It gives you a wonderful tool to release the emotions attached to the core patterns that control you life and over time remove these blocks. I see significant improvements in areas of my life where I couldn’t play full out as I had stuff holding me back. I am so grateful to Jan-Marie for creating this program and the life changing “Be Free 12 week Course”.   Previously I have paid many thousands of dollars and studied with some very well known teachers and this 12-week program brought ALL the pieces together so it all made sense and I could move forward. You ROCK !!  Patrick Correya Melbourne.


One of the reasons the ‘Freedom to BE’ program is so powerful, is that I have personally gone through every single one of those emotions. I have experienced the dark night of the Soul not once, but many times over, as ‘I was encouraged’ to clear eons of dysfunctional patterning right through the entire genetic tree – this makes the pathway of transformation much easier for others. As I worked with the ‘Freedom to BE’ program a whole new me began to emerge. It was clear that the prior twelve years of deep inner healing had not even scratched the surface. The Freedom to BE’ program allowed me to clear at very deep levels not previously achieved.

It is like the Virus Protection software for the body, mind and soul.  Use it and it keeps all the systems all ticking over and in good working order.

When we are emotionally balanced and truly centered in our Core Centre (some call this the Hara Point) we are on track to achieve our true destiny with ease. We have become the living breathing expression of compassionate love. We do not need to heal another person, or nation. The energy that we are, radiates outwards and those who need or desire healing, receive it in the form that is for their highest good. Our destiny is to experience a joyous expression of life and to live brilliantly.

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