Testimonial – Janine Ferguson

I had a Zero Point Heart healing with Jan-Marie about three weeks ago – it was a powerful experience where I felt my physical heart expand way beyond my physical body and I felt such a powerful sense of self love in a way I had never experienced before. The following morning I woke smiling, it felt like I had dropped aeons of excess baggage. Over the coming weeks I felt such a deep sense of inner peace. The times when others attempted to draw me into their drama, just rolled over me.

In my work I always knew I was good at what I did, but I was unable to communicate this in a way that others understood; so I had to supplement finances with outside work. Now I find myself excited to be doing videos and could see I was stepping up and delivering my message in a more confident manner. Then when I woke during the night and heard myself saying – I am absolutely 100% ready to receive! I was not just speaking the words, I knew I believed it deep within myself in a way I have never experience – there was zero doubt that I was totally worthy to receive. I knew my vibration was high and that the healing had shifted me from doubt and confusion; I now have a deep inner knowing that I could financially support myself solely from my gifts and talents. I felt complete, to fully love Self and trust in my own abilities to create and attract the life I so wanted, which in the past doubt kept me running in the opposite direction. I am still smiling which is positively impacting on everyone I meet, even strangers cant help themselves smiling back. Now I get it … I AM the Vibration I need to BE – wow that was a powerful healing one that I highly recommend.

About Authentic Heart Speak

Jan-Marie Creator of the Authentic Heart Speak and Zero Point Heart Healing for High Vibration Speakers. Author of THRIVE in Business & Life and several other books. She created her base healing program which releases stress in (4) minutes. The Money LOVES Me program transforms financial blocks. She lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of AU with her food smooching moggie. www.brilliantlifesuccess.com

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