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Money LOVES Me in Business

We all want to believe that love makes the world go around, yet in fact, whether we want it to be so or not – Money makes the world go around.  Me I want the whole world to be loving and generously so.  My heart and soul cries for love to be the highest denominator, the highest value 24/7, in our world …yet it is not so.  Why?  There is the trend to focus on making more money, or how to create more money, who will buy more products, what language will pull in more of the market share so people will buy more of ….

It is not my perspective and thankfully, there is now an emerging trend that is approaching business in a new more enlightened way … and it is gathering speed.

The energy shift we just came through in January 2015 is encouraging us to change our thinking, our marketing, our focus … and yes it still can have a focus on money but it is not the same energy.  It is ALL about ‘Money LOVES me’ – energy.  It is a beautiful dance between what is the Divine Energy of this planet  …. money … and LOVE.

Therefore how do you as a business person make the shift from focusing on how to make more money to embracing a divine dance of love with money?

It is ALL about you … and your heart.

It is all about how willing you are to dive a little deeper and review, transform and heal those deep core patterns that hold you captive in the old energy surrounding money.

In 2007 I asked a very important question of the Universe.  ‘Was I on-track when I believed it was about being in-grace and non-attached to money.’  You see I had bought and sold 2 properties in that year and my finances were a bit battered … and with it my ability to soar.  I was voicing my deepest fear.  The answer was …

You are so far, far, far off track it is not funny!

Wow, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck.  Everything I believed in, taught, written about was wrong.  I was devastated and stuck numb for about 5 minutes, then I thought hang on, if ‘you’ (the Universe) knows so much, then was is the right answer.  I went upstairs to my office and began writing a new book.  Activate your Creative Spirit … and UnLock the Code to start the flow of money. 

Then some new Transformation Accelerators began coming through.  ‘Fear of Poverty’ was the first.  These Accelerators had been coming through for seven years, and I had done a lot of very deep transformational healing with them … and yet the Fear of Poverty was only just coming through.  Wow this was significant.  Then the ‘money healing’ program came through.  Yet although those who were using this work were flying, I was still being challenged because I am the creator and there was more to come.

When I tapped into a new healing sequence for the heart (and I have done many prior) this is a whole new level … it poured me right through a portal of energy and into a whole new vibration  – where it hit me … with such relief … that Money LOVES me and for the first time I could really absolutely embrace and feel this yummy, yummy money vibration.  You see even though I know this stuff, I create it, I transform it … there was more to the story (It is certainly comes in layers as conceptual to integration, in order to release it)  Anyway it is ALL about the vibration of money.

When we are locked into duality thinking – then we are stuck in polarities.  IE:  Success/failure.  Since 2007 there has been a definite plan unfolding around money and that has required a deep healing around core money patterns and business.  We are creating a new humanity, a brand new world, yet we are still striding through our old paradigms that rule money and business.  The old is crumbling and the new is emerging and it will take heart-centered entrepreneurs to actualize this into being.

It is not about ‘saying’ all the right words to capture people’s attention so they will become devoted fans and fill the coffers of your bank account.  It is about being REAL, authentic heart centred entrepreneurs who KNOW, believe and FEEL that Money LOVES them.  It is a mutual relationship of respect, deep love and FUN.

The more we chase money, and yet at deep levels, distrust that money will hang around – the more money will run away, hide and at times spit back at you.

If you are interested in changing your relationship to money you might like to check out my Money Loves Me program.  You will find it under the heading of Living Brilliantly.

This has been a totally spontaneous post – so let’s see what happens next.



Has the concept of Wealth & Prosperity matched the Dream you had for yourself?

Did you implement the Law of Attraction teachings and find something was still missing – I did, so I set about to find out why even though I was putting the time, energy, money and ALL of myself into creating financial freedom and brilliant success – I was getting lacklustre results.

It took many years to finally understand the whole picture.  It is about vibration and if our vibration is inconsistent then we simply keep missing the mark … we have some success and then not so much.  I wanted to create a program that drilled down super fast to get to the core of any Money Blocks … and to be able to keep a consistent high vibration around money to achieve Brilliant Life Success.  Come Join us on the 5 – Day challenge.




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