Life Long Dreams – a Fable:

Its never to late for Dreams

“Like a true nature’s child, we were born, born to be wild..Senior Woman Riding a Motorcycle – Image by © Creasource/Corbis –

Life Long Dreams  – A Fable

Mary, Ethel and Rosemary looked at each other in excitement, today was the long awaited day when they set of on an adventure of a life time.  They had spent months at motor bike school, learning to ride.  Although they were the most mature of all the students, each had passed with flying colours and now held in their weathered hands, bright shinny new motor bike licences.

Each week, promptly at Mary, Ethel and Rosemary arrived at the Harley Davidson School.  In the beginning they were greeted with hoots of laughter from their fellow classmates.  After all, how many times do three 70 year old ladies want to learn how to ride a motor bike, let alone have the physical stamina to hold the bike up?  Long hair, studded figure hugging leathers was the order of the day.

Mary, Ethel and Rosemary decided they would not purchase their leathers until they had more of a feel for what would suit them, so had turned up in the normal Bri-nylon day dresses they usually wore.  As they hesitatingly trotted in, all eyes turned in their direction. It had not been easy to hold their heads high and turn a blind eye to the whispers and comments. However, they had long dreamed and talked about touring through the Arizona desert, on their motor cycles, in search of Sacred Sites.

The last laugh was on the openly jesting classmates when Mary, Ethel and Rosemary blitzed the entire class with the highest scores in a final exam, in this and any previous class.  Their grit and determination to succeed had gained the respect and admiration of some of the toughest bikers in the state, making firm friends with them all.

21st April 1990 Arizona: The morning dawned bright, crisp and cool; it was the perfect day for a road-trip. As they checked their supplies for the next seven days, they did a mental checklist.  First order of priority was to ensure that Scottie, Mary’s Yorkshire terrier was safe, secure and comfortable in his hand crafted dog house, firmly secured to the back of Mary’s bike.  Mary could not have left her life-long friend at home, on such a momentous occasion.

Dreams do come True

They were headed deep into the Arizona Desert to a place called Bells Rock, for it was here that they had learned there was a mystical cave, a cave that held precious American Indian artefacts and only those with permission, were able to enter.  It was told that the entrance was littered with Cobra snake skins and human bones and that anyone entering without Chief White Buffalo’s permission, put their lives in grave danger.  The Cobra’s guarded the entrance with a vengeance … for in the folk lore it was said that anyone entering the cave would never be the same again.  In the dim cool light of the interior of this remarkable sacred site, it was said that one could move between dimensions and when one returned from the inner voyage it was said that they were profoundly impacted by the voice of God, speaking to them in ways they had never imagined could happen.  Yes this was to be a trip of a lifetime.

They only had a vague idea of where to find Chief White Buffalo’s  to gain permission to enter the sacred cave – as they rode into Sedona, huge red mountains framed against brilliant blue skies and the tough desert vegetation made a striking picture.  They went to the address they had – only to find he was long deceased.  Deeply disappointed they turned back to the town, stopping off at the local New Age centre – as they walked in the door to the left was a circle of chairs – and one man sitting there.  Ethel and Rosemary headed toward the counter and Mary was drawn to walk towards the man.  As she sat down next to him, he turned to her and said.  ‘I have been waiting all morning for you to come!’  Mary’s eyes shot to the top of her head in amazement.  ‘How did you know I was coming?’  A smile crept onto his face and quietly he said ‘Chief White Buffalo’ sent me.

Confused, amazed and intrigued Mary replied ‘But he is dead’

‘I know – I talk to dead people all the time’

By this time Mary’s heart was beating fast, she was beginning to feel a little light headed and very, very hot.

‘Mary, you have a gift, a gift that you have never acknowledged.  You have the gift of sight and clairvoyance … and we have been waiting for you for a very long time.  Chief White Buffalo sends you permission to enter the cave’

Mary had a thousand questions flash through her mind, but the man silently got up and left before she could voice any one of them.  Before she had time to assimilate what had just happened, Ethel and Rosemary joined her.

‘Daniel over there said he would take us to the cave – but he warned that no-one can enter without permission from Chief White Buffalo’

Mary looked at them both still with a stunned expression … it is okay, that man just told me that Chief White Buffalo has given us permission to enter.  Shaking her head she told them of the conversation she had just had with the mysterious man.

They had to wait till Daniel was finished with his card readings for the day before they headed out to Bells Rock.  It was just on dusk when they arrived.  Mary had a deep sense of expectation and excitement, not quite sure what to expect she stood at the entrance of the cave and acknowledged Chief White Buffalo in gratitude for his generous permission.

Daniel had told them he would wait outside as he did not have permission to enter. Mary, Ethel and Rosemary stood outside the entrance, they each took a deep breath, with a quick glance at each other they stepped forward …

As they entered the dim cave there appeared to be a light glowing in the corner of the cave, more like a shaft of light but before they could take in more than this shaft of light they heard a voice.

              “You have come to find God, I see.  You have ridden many hundreds of miles to experience God, interesting!  Did you not realise that God is within you.  God is not outside you, or in another dimension.  God is you, you are God, and you are one in same.  What has been keeping you separate from your God experience is your Ego personality, and believing that God is outside of you.  Mastery of Ego through creative energy opens and heals your heart and creates the experience of love.  Love of Self your God Self.  Find it in your heart to forgive yourself for the delusion that God is separate and you will know truth”.

Mary, Ethel and Rosemary looked from one to the other in amazement, “Did you hear that Mary?”, Ethel whispered.  The both turned to Rosemary, who’s eyes were like saucers.  Slowly a smile began to creep across Mary’s pale face, then laughter began to erupt deep from her belly, she leapt into the air and began spinning around and around, laughing, crying and dancing like she had never danced before.  Her laughter was infections and Mary and Ethel could not help but be drawn into her excitement.  Finally Mary slowed down and slowly slid to the floor of the cave, Rosemary and Ethel following.

 ‘Mary, what was that all about’, they asked.  ‘Don’t you get it – we have been touched by the Voice of God, I felt such love pour through me, I have never felt so powerful and so full of life, so blessed, everything I have ever felt, seen or experiences paled to this – this is what I have waited my whole life for. I cant believe I have waited my whole life to experience this’

Moral of the story – The Source Energy is within each and every one of us guiding us, showing us the way if only we get out of our minds long enough to hear the subtle clues.

Healing the Heart of YOU is also healing the heart of your business.  This is a potent combination when used with integrity and authenticity.  It is not how much money you can make – it is the quality of life, the generosity of Spirit … the sharing of your gifts and having FUN.  We have entered a New Energy of Creation and that calls for authentic Heart Wisdom and absolute balance.  Often our need to focus on how much money we can make is more about our Fear of Poverty. This fear keeps us from taking a leap of faith and embracing our dreams.  The ‘Money Loves Me’, yummy, yummy money is a fast-track program that identifies your Core Money Pattern – it is when we heal at these deepest levels (our money stuff) that we find freedom in ways you may never experienced before.  Try it – I highly recommend this process.

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