Heart ‘n Soul Entrepreneur #2

Healing the Heart of Your Business

It would seem my latest blog has caused some interesting comments.  The one below  caught my eye –

 … Your latest blog is so on track!  It’s become an industry full of false hope and pocket lining designed to lure in souls of lower vibration who are non actualised in consciousness. I’ve seen this breed in action and surprise, surprise!! Their mind is always on the go, they multitask all day long, lack quality rest and sleep because they are working on the next business plan or mocking up a new course to promote!! One particular person I know even forgets to pay for the meal they eat when dining out because their mind is racing to the next venture, next location meeting or free consultation to win a sale! I’m not suggesting that there aren’t genuine healers out there because there are … But surely they are few and probably charge reasonably….

Above all else Heart ‘n Soul entrepreneurs need to be integrity.  It is an expectation that if someone is claiming to come from their heart then they are in integrity and can be trusted.  For this section of the community, (especially in business) it is important that this category needs to be even more vigilant about integrity because it affects the whole.

Now, from my experience in trusting heart energy and then finding out it was just a way to seduce and capture people’s money, I know it is not easy to catch this before you have handed over your money.  The important question is how can a person know in advance that if this person/offer is just super salacious and is seductively calling you into their web to get your money and is not entirely upfront with their intention?

Probably the first indicator is the slickness of the website, the sales copy.  If there is repeated upsells (don’t have a problem with upsells if they are of TOTAL benefit to the prospective client).  This is a call out to copy writers who genuinely come from the heart to show us HOW we can engage the prospective client/sale in a way that is genuine, heartfelt and DOES offer them a real and tangible benefit and not just about adding to the purchase price.

EG:  My ‘Money Loves Me’ is a fast-track process that can be a stand alone product however because I know, without doubt, that the ‘Living Brilliantly’ program which contains the Transformation Accelerators is so beneficial to their overall healing – I want people to have their own copy.  However, because I know not everyone who needs this work, can actually afford it – I have been stumbling around attempting to find an affordable solution of the Living Brilliantly program – to get people started in healing their money patterns.  Really healing them.  Not Band-Aids that are mainly out on offer.  Did I tell you I really dislike Band-Aids?  Well I do.  I spent years purchasing this and that to help heal myself and found mostly it was fluff and mirrors.  I wanted the real deal – so I created what would heal myself and I now share that with you.  One thing that needs to be remembered, even though it works awesomely for me … each person is unique and not everything works for everyone.

Back again to how do we know that this product/service is right for us when it is languaged in Heart ‘n Soul language?

  1. Before purchasing do a google and check out if there are any negative reviews (saves a bundle in the long run).
  2. Step back for awhile – then come back to the offer and see if it still feels right.
  3. If not completely sure – mediate on it.  Hand it over just before you go to sleep, then first thing the next morning take note of what are the very first thoughts that flit into your mind.
  4. Ask yourself what do you need to learn here?  Is this just another shinny object in the sand?
  5. Do another google and ask the question around the subject you are seeking IE:  I was told I needed to fix my website and put in three products on the home page.  So I asked my very best friend ‘google’ for this and came across a website that showed me how to do that myself, without the need to engage someone at sizable price.
  6. These days I chat to my best friend ‘google’ a lot.  It is amazing how much you can learn via uTube videos, tutorials etc.  Of course if you have an unlimited bank account then just hand it over to someone else to do.  Weigh up if it is worth your time and energy to learn how to do it yourself …  or just trust that the other person can interpret what you want and provide it for you all within your budget.
  7. I do a lot myself because I am conscious of retaining my own energy signature in everything I offer.  That is another blog subject
  8. Be aware of others telling you what you want to hear.  You may want to be out there and be the star big time … sometimes it is ALL about timing.  Sometimes there is more transformational healing to occur before the next forward action can take place.  Keep checking in with Self to ensure you are really meant to take that step.
  9. In the beginning I thought my work would be out there in every home, business and probably Mars truth be told.  Little did I realise at the time – it was all about timing.  It was about the consciousness of the planet being at a certain vibratory rate BEFORE they could hear, see, understand the frequency of that which is embedded into my work.
  10. TRUST YOUR OWN INSINCTS – but also do Due Diligence.

Hope this helps.


Has the concept of Wealth & Prosperity matched the Dream you had for yourself?

Did you implement the Law of Attraction teachings and find something was still missing – I did, so I set about to find out why even though I was putting the time, energy, money and ALL of myself into creating financial freedom and brilliant success – I was getting lacklustre results.

It took many years to finally understand the whole picture.  It is about vibration and if our vibration is inconsistent then we simply keep missing the mark … we have some success and then not so much.  I wanted to create a program that drilled down super fast to get to the core of any Money Blocks … and to be able to keep a consistent high vibration around money to achieve Brilliant Life Success.  Come Join us on the 5 – Day challenge.




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