It’s Time to SHINE – Are you Ready I know I AM.

2015 came speeding around the corner surprising many, including me.  Long-held dreams became unfolding fast and with ease.  Heart-Soul Entrepreneur’s stepped up and opened the doors to their wisdom … reached out to others to support, honour and acknowledge.

I personally left the drabness of 2014 – opened my heart to even greater depths and acknowledged I had lost my business mojo.  One word, just one word changed my life.  It was the word Vitality (I have written about this before) but honestly who would have thought one word could literally shoot you down a pathway of such rich vibrancy that my head is still spinning.  As I acknowledged I was not feel the vitality of life I heard …

UnLeash the Colour in YOU!   And I did – I reworked my website with outrageous colour that you almost needed sunglasses to view it – some hated it, I loved it cause I could feel the energy and vibration flooding me with creativity, inspiration and I fell in love with my work all over again.

Tash Corbins 33rd Birthday Give Away #‎becausetashbirthday

Today, is my 29th Blog in a #30 Day blogging challenge, as I have been of late, I have been dawdling a bit cause there is so much I am doing to upgrade all my products … however everything is always in perfect time, what may seem dawdling was in fact just waiting for #Tash Corbin’s 33rd Birthday giveaways and her gift to her group.  She is offering  … One month of one-on-one coaching for some lucky person.  A WHOLE month of coaching  with personalised, one-on-one attention, helping someone achieve BIG goals.  AND that someone is going to be ME cause you know what I am planning?

Launching the Living Brilliantly Facilitators program

I am launching the ‘Living Brilliantly’ Facilitators program.  Which includes training in the ‘Freedom to BE’ program, the ‘Money Loves YOU’ Fast Track process, the ‘BE Free 12 – Week Mindset Transformation course and of course Coaching etc.  And that is just the beginning, so you can see I have big plans!  It is time that every home and every business had a copy or several copies of this absolutely amazingly powerful ‘Freedom to BE’ program – which releases Emotional Stress in (4) Minutes, and used regularly it gently goes down and clears deep trauma that creates beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.  It is powerful and you have this amazing program 24/7 – How good is that.  What to check out some of our testimonials  – Check out the video testimonials of 12 year old Nova and how beneficial she found it to release her anger and fear.

cropped-Living-Brilliantly-WEB-banner.purple-1.png  The ‘Freedom to BE’ program

Our Base Program

It releases Emotional Stress in (4) Minute’s – used regularly it gently goes down and transforms deep core wounds, (without the need to go into the painful memory) and this transforms beliefs, attitudes and behaviour with Ease.

Freedom to Be packaged and cropped

Money LOVES Me – Fast-Track Process

Money Loves me spiral

This is a just few of our amazing programs. This year is the year this is going to happen – everyone will know about the ‘Living Brilliantly’ programs and why is this so important.  These programs transform people’s lives with EASE without the need to go into the story … and I need help, support from those who have skills and talents I don’t have, I need someone to take me through some processes to help me set all this up and have it running and operational as soon as is practicable.   I am looking for my Master Team and one of those is you #Tash Corbin. I am also looking for amazing Heart-Soul Entrepreneurs who know the value of deep transformational healing and how once you heal your heart at deep levels,  it heals the heart of business … and like no other time we need this in every corporation, business and home.  It is time to Shine!

I would also like to acknowledge #Sarah Arrow – from #30 Day Blogging Challenge, she is another amazing lady who has put her wisdom, knowledge and support out there to help as many people as possible.  I know I have not always followed the day to day suggestions but I have learnt heaps and it is also been instrumental in me moving forward so quickly this year.  Thank you Sarah.


Has the concept of Wealth & Prosperity matched the Dream you had for yourself?

Did you implement the Law of Attraction teachings and find something was still missing – I did, so I set about to find out why even though I was putting the time, energy, money and ALL of myself into creating financial freedom and brilliant success – I was getting lacklustre results.

It took many years to finally understand the whole picture.  It is about vibration and if our vibration is inconsistent then we simply keep missing the mark … we have some success and then not so much.  I wanted to create a program that drilled down super fast to get to the core of any Money Blocks … and to be able to keep a consistent high vibration around money to achieve Brilliant Life Success.  Come Join us on the 5 – Day challenge.




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Jan-Marie is the author of seven books, the creator of the powerful ‘Freedom to BE’ program that releases emotional stress in (4) minutes and several mind-set changing courses. She writes about transforming your life with ease, so you can live brilliantly, doing what you love. She lives with her food-smooching cat at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast of AU. Facebook: inspiredpublishing. Twitter: inspiredpub

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